The latest cookware technology sweeping across Europe

Induction cooking has been popular in the United States now for a few years. Infomercials did their job and the induction cooking market was born and exploded in popularity. The products promised faster cooking, safer cooking and cheaper energy bills. There are no down sides to induction cooking other than needing to buy new pots and pans.

This trend though has been slow to catch on in Europe and no one has been able to figure out why. The advertisements weren’t as strong but usually popular products from America go global and European countries have usually been quick to follow suit.

Now though it finally seems to be making an impact with search results for terms like nuwave pic2 reviews on an upward curve in the google rankings. We spoke with a cookware review site about the new interest in Europe.

“We have seen a lot more interest lately. We typically focus our attention on the American market as it is so huge right now but it’s definitely growing in Europe. Everyone likes to save money especially in times of austerity and induction cooking can help you do that. It’s also great if you have small children as it’s much safer. The surface cools as soon as you take the pan off. There’s no residual heat. It’s a fascinating technology.

If you are looking to find out which is the best portable induction cooktop, then stop by our site and read our reviews. There are bargains to be had in Europe and particularly the United Kingdom. Once this catches on you can be sure the prices will go up, so I would look to buy something now if it’s an area you are interested in.”

Induction cooking is not just for chefs, in fact it’s aimed at the home market more than anything. If you are interested in the mechanics behind what seems like magic then this wiki article is pretty good.

Cookware technology has always proved propular the world over. There is multi billion dollar market for it so it’s strange that this one has taken so long to get going outside the U.S. Marketers are missing a trick here as the right advert could see them selling millions of units just like the most successful U.S companies did 2-3 years ago.

We have tried it ourselves and were amazed at how quickly the heat disappears when the pan is removed and also how quickly the heat gets into the pan when it’s in place. It works using a magnetic bottom to detect the pan is in place. So you do need a certain type of pan but there’s a good chance your pans are already compatible. Worth checking before you buy though as you may need to budget for a new cookware set as well. Fortunately these can be picked up fairly cheaply depending on what you are looking for. That is another potentially untapped market in the U.K as anyone with an induction cooker will be looking for induction pans at some point as well.

Cookware companies already selling compatible pans could see a rise in sales simply by adding “induction compatible” to the description.

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