Matched betting for beginners and seasoned gamblers alike

If you have ever taken an interest in gambling then you may have heard of matched betting. If you haven’t taken an interest in gambling then you should ind out about matched betting.

This is the process of procuring free bets from online bookies and then backing and laying the bet to make a guaranteed profit.

It is more complicated than it sounds. There are a few matched betting services that have sprung up recently to make money from teaching people how to do this.

Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey are the 2 main players according to

Both these services have a monthly fee with Oddsmonkey being slightly cheaper than Profit Accumulator. The former gets the more favourable review.

Both offer video guides and training on how to do matched betting and how to make around £1000 per month or more.

I myself have test this out and can confirm that the process is legit and there is a lot of money to be made if you can commit the time it requires. To make £1000+ a month you need to be investing 2-3 hours a day backing and laying bets.

This is great little hobby for anyone needing some extra cash and perfect for people looking to work from home.

May people are earning a full time income from matched betting and of course it is all tax free.

You do need a small amount of money to get started. Around £100 but your cash is never at risk. You cannot lose out with matched betting. You just need a little time and patience and you are guaranteed to make money.

I recommend trying out the free trial at one of the services like Oddsmonkey if you are serious about getting involved.

There are many bets to be placed and you can even make money on the casino offers but not all of these are risk free.

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