Cosmetic Dentist Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved into a thriving industry, offering a range of procedures aimed at improving the overall look of your smile. In the past, cosmetic dentistry involved improving the appearance of the teeth, but today it is much more varied and offers treatments to correct all sorts of dental problems and improve the way that people’s teeth look. One of the most common types of cosmetic dentist treatments is veneers. Veneers are made from porcelain or composite materials and are used to cover up worn, discolored or damaged teeth so that their original colour is still visible. Veneers are typically applied to fix the most severe tooth discoloration, meaning that they are used for people who need their teeth whitened, need dental crowns or need to have tooth reparations done because of decay or serious staining.

Very common cosmetic dentist treatments is called gum contouring. Gum contouring involves the reduction of close gaps in your gums. Close gaps can make your smile look smaller and sometimes can even make your mouth look wider. Many people have tight gums, which can be caused by bad habits such as eating too much and drinking too much soda or coffee. Cosmetic dentists can help you remove excess gum tissue and make your teeth look closer together. This can make your smile brighter and whiter.

There are also a number of cosmetic dentist treatments available to deal with stains on your teeth. One of the most common ways to treat stains on your teeth is called tooth whitening. If you are trying to get rid of a stain because it is really unsightly, you may find that tooth whitening is an effective way to disguise the problem. Tooth whitening is similar to bleaching: both procedures make your teeth lighter so that they will be easier to see when you smile. Tooth whitening is typically used to treat yellowing or browning teeth; however, it can also be used to whiten teeth that are stained heavily with food or medications.

Another cosmetic dentist treatment that can be performed at a dental office is dental crowns. There are two types of dental crowns: solid and fitted. A dental crown is used to fix a broken or chipped tooth. A dental crown is made out of synthetic or porcelain material, and the crown is cemented into the broken tooth. Most people are born with natural teeth; however, if there has been extensive damage to teeth that causes them to decay, the dentist may opt to use dental crowns to disguise the decay.

A cosmetic dentist in Vancouver WA can also help patients who are missing one or more of their teeth. This cosmetic dentist specialty offers different methods for replacing a missing tooth. Some of the available methods include using prosthetic dentures, using dental implants, and installing ceramic or composite veneers. Cosmetic dentistry can also help patients to correct the alignment of their teeth, straighten crooked teeth, or reshape the appearance of a smile.

Dental restoration plays an important role in improving the overall look of a patient’s smile. If there are teeth missing, or if there are damaged teeth, a dental restoration specialist can help replace the lost teeth. In addition, this type of practitioner can perform all types of restorations, such as Lumineers, porcelain veneers, bonding, etc. A good cosmetic dentist will always work to make you feel at ease before, during, and after the procedure is performed. To make sure that you feel comfortable, he will ask you questions about your medical history, and he will also evaluate your gum health before any treatment is done. A good cosmetic dentist will always put his patients’ needs above his own.