Ketone Body Complex – beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (abisuconate) is a naturally occurring compound found in plants and is commonly used as an oxidizing agent and in the production of hydrogen peroxide. It is believed that this ketone bodies compound is the key to the effect of ketosis (ketones being converted into glucose to fuel the body) in the human body. In this article we will be discussing some of the scientific literature and studies that support the use of beta-hydroxybutyrate for weight loss and to aid the diabetic in their management of their disease.

betahydroxybutyrate ketone

As previously mentioned, ketones are produced from fatty acids that enter the bloodstream in the digestive tract. Exogenous ketones such as those found in fruit sugars can be dangerous if taken in massive quantities or “chain fed” as these are used in weight-loss supplements and dieting plans. As a result, it is much safer to take dietary supplements containing naturally occurring beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones instead.

What are the benefits of the beta-hydroxybutyric acid in the bile salts of the liver? First, the ketones help to break down and eliminate excess carbs in the body. By breaking down and eliminating carbs, the dieter’s blood sugar level will decrease and the diabetic may even start to feel less thirsty and crave water less often. This makes the treatment of diabetes much easier for the patient and the health care professional managing his or her condition.

Second, ketones can be useful to diabetic patients suffering from acetoacetate toxicity. Acetoacetate is a toxic drug that is found in many prescription pain medications. Acetoacetate inhibits the formation and release of glucose and other nutrients important to life. The ketone bodies of diabetics help to increase blood levels of acetoacetate allowing the diabetic to withstand acetoacetate-type pain better and to live a normal life.

Third, beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone bodies are useful as organic solvent agents in chemical synthesis. They are commonly seen in organic chemistry textbooks as organic solvent compounds where one molecule of them is an alcohol. In the context of organic chemistry, a ketone ester is a compound of one hydrogen bonding with an acetyl group. Ketone salts of fatty acids are common organic solvents. Therefore, a ketone body gives you the ability to make your own organic solvents and it’s easy to store and use in future chemistry experiments.

Although they look promising, further studies are needed to support the use of beta-hydroxybutyrate in the treatment of diabetes and other conditions. In one study, ketone bodies slowed the progress of nerve damage in diabetic rats by limiting glucose uptake. However, in another study, the use of a ketone ester for preventing cell death in vitro resulted in damaging proteins rather than killing cells. The uncertainty of these results makes it difficult to recommend such a substance for the treatment of diabetes.