The Importance of Fire Strategy Reports for Commercial Buildings

Fire safety measures are an important part of every business. Whether you’re a property owner, a tenant or a builder, you’ll need to consider the risks of fire and ensure that your employees, clients and customers are safe should an incident occur. A Fire Strategy Report is an essential step towards this goal, and it can be provided by a qualified fire engineer.

A Fire Strategy Plan is a document that details all the fire Fire Strategy Reports London precautions in place at a premises, and is a requirement by law under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The responsible person of any commercial building should be aware that they’re liable for fines if they fail to comply with these regulations. By planning a fire strategy with DB Fire Solutions, you can rest assured that all of the required precautions will be in place to protect people and property from harm.

The Fire Strategy Report is a documented document that includes sections pertaining to the management of fire precautions, and identifies the requirements for the fire safety system installation. It also includes details of any fire exits and fire escape routes, as well as outlines any emergency procedures in the event of an accident. It will also include the location and availability of fire extinguishers and fire service access to the building.

If you’re planning a new building, a Fire Strategy is essential as it will help you demonstrate compliance with the relevant legislation for construction and design. We’ll help you achieve the best results for your project, whilst ensuring that the final building meets the required standards. We’ll work with you from the beginning of the planning process to identify potential fire safety issues, and discuss how to resolve these.

Our team of fire engineers will also assess the ways in which smoke can be prevented from spreading, ensuring that your building is compliant with the relevant legislative requirements. This can be done by adjusting the size of openings, the distance between buildings and recommending materials that don’t catch fire easily.

Fire Strategies can also be prepared for existing properties, and are normally created in the early stages of a refurbishment or alteration project. This will allow the fire risk assessor to have visibility of the Fire Strategy before conducting their assessment, and can help them in formulating their significant findings.

If you need a Fire Strategy Report for your commercial property, contact us today. We have a team of experienced fire engineers that can produce bespoke reports that will help to prevent the spread of fire, protect your assets and protect your employees. We can start working on your Fire Strategy Report as soon as we have the blueprint or construction design of your building, and will continue to provide services throughout the entire project. This will ensure that we deliver the best fire protection solution for your business. Our aim is to keep your business running and your customers safe, so that you can get on with your day-to-day operations without a hitch.