What is a disinfection service?

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As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc throughout the country, it’s more important than ever for businesses and spaces that serve people to be properly cleaned and disinfected before reopening. Whether your facility has been affected by an active case of the virus or simply had an employee who tested positive for the disease, it’s important to hire professional disinfecting services that will thoroughly clean and decontaminate surfaces and items in your facility that could carry germs and bacteria from one person to the next. Disinfection services tend to be a bit pricier than cleaning and sanitizing services, but you’ll get a higher level of knowledge and professionalism that guarantees a safer, healthier environment.

How Does Disinfecting Services Work?

Disinfecting services use a combination of sanitizing and cleaning techniques to completely decontaminate a space, including high-touch areas. While regular cleaning services involve sweeping, wiping, and washing surfaces to remove visible dirt, germs, and impurities, disinfecting services use EPA-registered chemicals to kill pathogens on surfaces and objects.

To effectively disinfect a space, a disinfection service will start by identifying and pre-cleaning all high-touch areas of a facility to remove any visible dirt, dust, or debris from surfaces. Then, the disinfectant will be applied using a fogger that emits tiny droplets of disinfectant onto every surface, providing complete coverage. This helps eliminate any nooks and crannies that are typically missed by other cleaning methods, which is particularly important for places like hospitals, schools, and offices.