Why Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Is Necessary For Restaurants

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a necessary part of running a restaurant. Grease buildup on the kitchen exhaust system can lead to health problems, fires, and property damage. In addition, a dirty exhaust system prevents air from flowing and odors from escaping. A professional contractor will clean your exhaust system down to the bare metal.

Restaurants and fast food establishments often use oils and grease in their cooking processes. This can lead to more frequent cleanings. It is also important to make sure the hoods, filters, and exhaust fans are maintained. An improperly maintained system can cause serious problems for your employees and guests.

To avoid the dangers of a greasy kitchen exhaust system, it is essential to clean the filters and the hoods regularly. Grease on the hoods can cause a fire if the vapors from a fire ignite the grease. Grease can be removed from the filters using baking soda and dish soap.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system ensures that your cooking equipment is working at its optimal performance. It also improves airflow, which makes your kitchen more efficient. Also, a well-maintained exhaust system can keep your power bill lower.

Grease can also be a hazard to your employees and customers. A greasy exhaust system can cause a fire that grows out of control, which could result in a loss of life and a substantial emergency expense. Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system can also help to protect your insurance policy. If you do not clean it, your insurer may decline a claim, leaving you with an uninsured expense.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has standards for theĀ Hood Cleaning cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system. These standards set out the frequency of maintenance and inspection. Depending on the volume of food being cooked, your restaurant should have it cleaned periodically.

Kitchen exhaust systems are typically stainless steel and are designed to remove grease and other byproducts from the kitchen. Unfortunately, grease can also collect in the ductwork and hoods, causing a dangerous fire hazard. Professional contractors can clean your exhaust system, removing hazardous buildups and applying a fire-safe finish. Having a clean kitchen shows your customers that you are committed to maintaining your business and providing a safe place for them to work.

Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system will help your facility comply with the NFPA 96 standard. When the exhaust system is properly maintained, it will eliminate the risk of fire and increase the efficiency of your equipment. Additionally, a clean kitchen helps to improve the atmosphere in your restaurant. As a result, your staff’s morale will increase and sick days will decrease.

NFPA recommends hiring a qualified contractor for your kitchen exhaust cleaning. A certified contractor has the highest standards for testing and cleaning. They will also provide certification stickers to show local authorities that your facility is compliant with the state’s fire code.

Whether you choose a contractor or do it yourself, it is important to clean the filters on your kitchen exhaust system at least once a year. After you have completed the cleaning, you should re-install the filter in the same way you removed it.